Gavin Esler
Brexit without the Bullshit: The Facts on Food, Jobs, Travel and the NHS

Just a week away from the current European Union departure date of 31st October and the most momentous change in British life for decades, Gavin Esler joins us for a no-nonsense discussion of Brexit. An outspoken Remainer, Gavin stood for Change UK in the European Parliament elections. Since leaving Newsnight he has been a journalist, a public speaker and a political commentator and is well qualified to share his insights on the Brexit that is coming and its impact on jobs and industry, health and the NHS, food and diet, education and travel to Europe.

In conversation with Sian Kevill, former editor of the BBC’s Newsnight and Director of Make Waves – making films that have social impact.

Gavin Esler is an award winning television and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist. He is the author of five novels and two non-fiction books. Gavin worked as journalist for the BBC in Belfast during some of the worst of “the Troubles,” and got to know leaders of the IRA and other Republican and loyalist paramilitary groups. His investigative work on the wrongful convictions of Giuseppe Conlon and his son Gerry led to a campaign which eventually overturned the convictions of the so-called “Guildford Four” and “Maguire Seven” — innocent Irishmen and women convicted of bombing offences on the basis on non-existent or unreliable “evidence.” Their stories eventually became the basis of the film, In the Name of the Father. Esler moved on to become the BBC’s Chief North America Correspondent, based in Washington and covering the Bush and Clinton White House. He then reported from countries as diverse as China, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Russia, Jordan, Iran, Saudia Arabia and from the Aleutian Islands, as well as all across Europe. He won a Royal Television Society award for a TV documentary about Alaska and a Sony Gold award for a BBC radio investigation into the case of Sami al Hajj, who was detained without charge in Guantanamo bay, but released shortly after the radio programme was broadcast. Gavin Esler is currently Chancellor of the University of Kent, and a voting member of BAFTA.

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