Mental Health Awareness Week | 13-17 May

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from Monday 13 – Sunday 19 May 2024. The theme, as set by the Mental Health Foundation, is “Movement: moving for our mental health.” This year, you are encouraged to move your way by finding something that moves your body and mind.

We have found some inspiring and helpful talks from our back catalogue that might help you find the movement you are looking for.

Free to watch & listen to during May

A selection of inspirational talks from a wide range of topics, authors sharing their wisdom and lived experience at the festival.


The Balanced Brain | Camilla Nord

Cambridge neuroscientist Camilla Nord provides a new perspective on mental health, correcting the common misperception that mental health is all in the mind and that physical pain is located in the body. Her groundbreaking work reframes mental health as a balancing act by the brain, introducing knowledge, tools, and questions to help us achieve balanced brains.   

In conversation with the New Statesman’s Sophie McBain 

Why Women Grow | Marchelle Farrell & Alice Vincent

Why are women drawn to the soil? Can we find home in our gardens?  

These are questions asked by two authors, journalist Alice Vincent and psychiatrist Marchelle Farrell. In unsettled times, both women aim to find safety, stability and a sense of belonging in an English country garden, with conversations spanning creation and loss, celebration and grief, colonialism, power, identity and renaissance.

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