Fatima Manji

Wed 17 Nov 2021 | 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Fatima Manji
Hidden Heritage

There are countless hidden threads running throughout British history that have long been forgotten or erased over time.

In her rich and absorbing book, Hidden Heritage: Rediscovering Britain’s Lost Love for the Orient, Fatima Manji unearths the many stories and treasures of the ‘Orient’, forgotten narratives connecting Britain with South and West Asia and the broad range of regions, races and religions, from Morocco and Ottoman history to the British Raj.

Through her journey across Britain exploring cultural landmarks, Fatima Manji searches for a richer and more honest story of a nation struggling with identity and the legacy of empire.

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Fatima Manji Hidden Heritage

Hidden Heritage

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Author Biography

Fatima Manji is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist who anchors the UK’s Channel 4 News, the nation’s most popular adversarial nightly news programme. She reports on major national and international stories, and is best known for breaking stories with a global impact: including the tale of Saudi princesses held hostage for years by their father the King; giving voice to the heart-rending testimonies of internally displaced Iraqis fleeing ISIS; investigating an MI5 spy accused of entrapment in Northern Ireland; and tracing the perilous journey of victims of war across the Hungarian border in the face of rising anti-migrant extremism.