Helen Thompson | Disorder – Online

Fri 27 May - Mon 6 Jun 2022

Helen Thompson
Helen Thompson
Helen Thompson, Disorder
Gavin Jacobsen

This event was recorded at our Spring Festival in April

Hard Times in the 21st Century

Helen Thompson, Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge University, gives an eye-opening account of how the Covid-19 crisis blew apart decades-old faultlines in Western democracies, the US-China relationship, NATO and the EU. Weaving together the history of energy, economics and politics, Professor Thompson rivetingly traces the past decade’s political shocks to their roots.

In conversation with Gavin Jacobson, Ideas Editor, New Statesman. 

Venue: Online

Duration: 1hr

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Helen Thompson, Disorder

Disorder by Helen Thompson

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Author biography  

Helen Thompson is Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge University. She is the author of Oil and the Western Economic Crisis (2017), China and the Mortgaging of America (2010), and Might, Right, Prosperity and Consent: Representative Democracy and the International Economy (2008). Since 2015, Helen has been a regular panellist on the podcast Talking Politics. She is a contributing writer to the New Statesman and has written articles for the London Review of Books, the New York Times, and the Financial Times.  


Gavin Jacobson is an essayist, critic and commissioning editor of the New StatesmanHe writes on the history and politics of Europe and Asia.

Gavin’s work has featured in many prominent publications, including The New York Review of BooksThe London Review of BooksThe New YorkerTimes Literary SupplementNew StatesmanFinancial Times, and The New Republic. He is currently working on a book about the political and intellectual history of the 1990s.