Madhumita Murgia | Living in the Shadow of AI

Sat 20 Apr 2024 | 10:00am - 11:00am

Madhumita Murgia
Prof Gina Neff
Madhumita Murgia - Code Dependent

AI is everywhere. It has infiltrated our day-to-day lives, through chatbots like ChatGPT and social media, but it’s also affecting us in more insidious ways – touching everything from interpersonal relationships to our human rights. Award-winning journalist Madhumita Murgia highlights the experiences of ordinary people to help us better understand how AI alarmingly impacts our collective and individual sense of agency. 

 In conversation with Professor Gina Neff



Venue: Old Divinity School

Duration: 1 hour

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Author biography

Madhumita Murgia is an award-winning journalist, editor and speaker with expertise in the fields of technology, science and health. She is the first Artificial Intelligence Editor of the Financial Times and has been writing about AI, for Wired and the FT, for over a decade. Born and raised in India, she was educated as an immunologist in the UK. She lives in London. Code-Dependent is her first book. 

Chair biography

Gina Neff is the Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology & Democracy at the University of Cambridge. Her books include Venture Labor (MIT Press 2012), Self-Tracking (MIT Press 2016) and Human-Centered Data Science (MIT Press 2022). 

Her research focuses on the effects of the rapid expansion of our digital information environment on workers and workplaces and in our everyday lives. Professor Neff holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University and advises international organisations including UNESCO and the OECD. She is on the executive leadership team and chair of the strategy group for UKRI Responsible AI UK (RAI), and is associate director of the ESRC Digital Good Network. She leads the Humanitarian Action Programme at the University of Cambridge, and leads a work package on the Horizon Europe international AI4Trust team to tackle online misinformation building human-in-the-loop AI detection tools for multilingual, multimodal and multiplatform solutions. 

Professor Neff serves on the board of directors for the Social Science Research Council in the USA and the Strategic Advisory Network for the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council. 

Her academic research has won awards in both engineering and social sciences. Professor Neff led the team that won the 2021 Webby for the best educational website on the Internet, for the A to Z of AI, which has reached over 1 million people in 17 different languages.