Oliver Bullough | How we became servant to the super rich | Online

Sat 14 Jan - Mon 30 Jan 2023

Oliver Bullough
Oliver Bullough
Butler to the World - Oliver Bullough

Author and investigative journalist, Oliver Bullough, exposes a government looking the other way whilst the nation sells its real estate, services, football clubs, and its good name to the shadiest and highest bidder.  Compelling and forensically researched Bullough’s unmissable history, Butler to the World, traces Britain’s cynical transition over 70 years from imperial power to the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals. We pride ourselves on values of fairness, but come and hear how few countries do more to frustrate global anti-corruption efforts, and how it doesn’t have to be this way.

In conversation with the New Statesman’s business editor, Will Dunn. 

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Author Biography

Oliver Bullough is the author of the financial exposé Moneyland (2018), a Sunday Times bestseller, and two celebrated books about the former Soviet Union: The Last Man in Russia and Let Our Fame Be Great. His investigative journalism appears regularly in the Guardian, The New York Times and GQ and he writes a weekly newsletter on kleptocracy in the news for Coda Story. He lives in Wales. 

Chair Biography

Will Dunn is business editor of the New Statesman.