Robert Peston | Bust

Sun 19 Nov 2023 | 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Robert Peston
Robert Peston
Kishan Koria
Bust Robert Peston

Has the West gone bust – economically, politically and socially? Or is there another way? The world we once knew has been shattered by the pandemic, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, growing tension with China, a rolling back of globalisation, Brexit… In the face of these challenging times, join ITV’s political editor, Robert Peston for a discussion on how we might all begin to hope again.

In conversation with co-writer and journalist Kishan Koria.


Venue: TTP Stage (Cambridge Union)

Duration: 1 hour

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8pm | Sun 19 Nov | Cambridge Union (TTP Stage)
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Author biography

Robert Peston is ITV’s political editor and presenter of the weekly politics show Peston and founder of the education charity, Speakers for Schools. He has won more than 30 awards for his journalism, including Journalist of the Year, Specialist Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year (twice) from the Royal Television Society. He is the author of five critically acclaimed books and one novel.

Chair biography

Kishan Koria is the Editor of Peston on ITV where he also makes the channel’s election debates. He is the co-author of Bust? and was the researcher for Robert Peston’s WTF.