Sarah Raven | A Year Full of Pots

Sat 20 Apr 2024 | 10:00am - 11:00am

Sarah Raven
Sarah Raven - A Year Full of Pots
Alex Clark

Back by popular demand, Sarah Raven discusses the final book in in her ‘Year Full Of…’ trio. Having covered flowers and veg, she now turns her attention to pots. With her trademark brio and flair, Sarah offers practical design tips to improve your pots using ingenious tricks with form and colour to enhance any plot from balconies and small city yards to more spacious gardens.   

In conversation with Alex Clark 


Venue: Palmerston Room at St Johns

Duration: 1 hour

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10am | Saturday 20 April | Palmerston Room, St John's
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10am | Saturday 20 April | Palmerston Room, St John's
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Author biography

Sarah Raven has led the way over the last two and a half decades in introducing a new kind of productive gardening which fuses intense colour, elegance and do-ability, bridging all kinds of gardening from dark rich dahlia glories to subtler smoky modern colours of poppies, roses, sweet peas, and all kinds of vegetable deliciousness. She is a teacher, broadcaster, has a popular gardening podcast Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange, and runs a mail order plant nursery, (with 500,000 customers). She is also the author of many books on gardening and cooking. Her most recent book are A Year Full of Flowers and A Year Full of Veg 

Chair biography

Alex Clark is a broadcaster and journalist, who writes for many publications including the Guardian, the Observer, and the Times Literary Supplement. She is a co-host on the Graham Norton Book Club for Audible and hosts the TLS podcast. She is a professional chairperson and appears all over the UK at Cheltenham, Hay and the Southbank Centre. Alex is a festival honorary patron.