Tom de Freston & Tamarin Norwood | Strange Bodies

Sun 21 Apr 2024 | 10:00am - 11:00am

Tom de Freston and Tamarin Norwood
Tom de Freston - Strange Bodies
Tamarin Norwood - The Song of the Whole Wide World

In 2020, artist Tom de Freston and his wife Kiran Millwood Hargrave were expecting twins. But Kiran miscarried, and they lost six further pregnancies. A few months into pregnancy, artist and academic Tamarin Norwood learned that the baby she was carrying would not live. Join these two writers for an intimate and fearless conversation on birth, death, art, and the possibilities of consolation.  

In conversation with New Statesman’s Alona Ferber 


Venue: Old Divinity School

Duration: 1 hour

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10am | Sunday 21 April | Old Divinity School
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Author biography

Tom de Freston is a visual artist based in Oxford, and the author of Wreck: A Story of Art and Survival. Among various fellowships and residencies he has held a Leverhulme residency at Cambridge University, a Levy Plumb Residency at Christ’s College and the inaugural Creative Fellowship at Birmingham University. With his wife, the writer Kiran Millwood Hargrave, he is the co-creator of Orpheus and Eurydice and Julia and the Shark, winner of the Waterstones Children’s Gift of the Year. 

Dr Tamarin Norwood is a writer and academic with a background in fine art. She has written on drawing, metaphor, memorial and grief, and has an interest in ritual and rural history. She is a visiting scholar at both the University of Oxford Centre for Life-Writing and at the University of Bath Centre for Death and Society, and a Leverhulme research fellow at Loughborough University.  

Chair Biography

Alona Ferber is the editor of the New Statesman’s Spotlight policy section and supplement. She writes on policy and politics, including her specialist coverage of Israel, and conducts interviews with major public figures.