Anna Hope, Selina Nwulu & Jude Yawson
Culture Declares Emergency: The Role of Arts & Imagination in Climate Action

For decades, scientists have told us that our climate is changing and that the consequences will be disastrous, yet those in power have continued to do far too little. What role can culture play in inspiring climate action? How are the arts engaging with environment breakdown, and importantly who, and how, can they mobilise? Join chair Caroline Lucas MP as she tackles these questions with three passionate and engaging artists and writers: Anna Hope, author of Expectation and editor of Letters to the Earth; Jude Yawson, editor and co-author alongside the rapper Stormzy of Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far and teacher of the ‘Writing to Understand Climate Change’ course at the Southbank Centre; and Selina Nwulu, Young Poet Laureate for London 2015–16 and social researcher focused on social and environmental justice.


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