Being Part of the Solution
Cambridge Residents Fight the Climate Crisis

Climate activism calls for rapid government action on reducing emissions. But as recent events have shown, governments are still dragging their feet, and time is running out. What can you, as an individual, do to combat climate breakdown and biodiversity loss? This panel brings together some of the groups and organisations in Cambridge and beyond that are taking action now, and which need volunteers and support. The panel will include members of Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Transition Cambridge, which work to organise repair cafes, training workshops, and educational events, Cambridge Sustainable Food, which earned our city a bronze award in the UK Sustainable Food City awards, The Wildlife Trust, which is collaborating with city planners to ensure space for wildlife, Extinction Rebellion, the climate activist group, and more. With plenty of time to ask questions, and stalls from these and other environmental groups in the area, this event will answer your questions about how you and your family can be part of an environmental solution now.

Chaired by Dr Alison Greig, Director of Education for Sustainability and course leader for MSc Sustainability at the Global Sustainability Institute, ARU Cambridge

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