Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times

As Chief Rabbi for over two decades and with a lifetime’s experience of considering and writing about morality, Jonathan Sacks is uniquely placed to guide us through these turbulent times. In his new book, he asks how we can interact with one another humanely and fruitfully in a world beset by division and toxic public discourse; how we build a set of core values in a society dominated by the institutions of the state and the marketplace; and how we create communities as family and social structures change.

Looking back to the thinkers of Ancient Greece, the Reformation and the Enlightenment and forward to a future that may feel uncertain but is ours to grasp, Sacks argues passionately that there is no liberty without morality, and no freedom without responsibility.

Come and spend a thought-provoking evening in the company of this profound and original thinker, and return to daily life refreshed and invigorated.

‘One of the great public intellectuals of the age’ The Times

In conversation with Professor Rae Langton, Knightsbridge Professor of Philosophy and Chair of University of Cambridge Faculty of Philosophy

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