David Wallace-Wells in conversation with Caroline Lucas
The Uninhabitable Earth

The launch event of our Climate Crisis series, Guest Curated by Caroline Lucas MP, which reflects on the  Climate Crisis to provoke urgent discussion, inspire action, and provide an opportunity for you to put your questions to the experts.

As we enter the new decade with floods surging and fires raging it is impossible to deny that the global climate crisis is here and accelerating. David Wallace-Wells joins us to discuss his ‘epoch-defining book’ which provoked an unprecedented debate on the global climate emergency. Based on conversations with scientists his cover story in New York magazine in July 2017 starkly presented a series of worst-case scenarios for global heating and became an immediate sensation, reaching seven million readers in 24 hours, and his book The Uninhabitable Earth has turned into an international phenomenon.

David Wallace-Wells is deputy editor of New York magazine where he writes frequently about climate change and the near future of science and technology.

Caroline Lucas is a Green Party MP and author of the best-selling Honourable Friends: Parliament and the Fight for Change.

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