Black History Month

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Join us in marking Black History Month 2021 with a series of key moments from the festival’s archives together with recommendations for further reading.

This year, #BHM reflects on the experiences and challenges of the past few months – a time that has demonstrated the continuing need to fight racism in all its manifestations and to learn the lessons of history.

Its new campaign, “Proud to Be”, will champion the richness and diversity of Black and Brown history.

At the Cambridge Literary Festival, we’ve been privileged to welcome some of the most insightful and respected writers and thinkers of colour and are delighted to share their wonderful events with you.

For more suggestions for reading, please delve into this collection of books available with our partners The London Review of Bookshop.

Reading recommendations for Black History Month

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CLF Player

We have over 100 hours of conversation to watch and listen to in our CLF Player.

This month we have a featured collection to mark Black History Month including:

Afua Hirsch | Brandon Taylor | Salena Godden | Robert Jones Jr. | Eddie S. Glaude Jr. | Raymond Antrobus | Jay Bernard | Raven Leilani | Jeremiah Emmanuel | Anni Domingo | Paul Mendez | Derek Owusu | David Olusoga