Alex T Smith | Astrid and the Space Cadets

Recorded: Sun 21 Apr 2024

Duration: 1hr

Alex T Smith | Astrid and the Space Cadets

Spring Festival 2024

5,4,3,2,1…are you ready for lift off with author illustrator Alex T. Smith and his brand new series Astrid and the Space Cadets? Join Alex as he introduces Astrid Atomic, a 6 year old, who goes to bed every night just like every other 6 year old. But unlike other 6 year olds she doesn’t stay there. As soon as the Space Cadet siren goes off, WHOOSH she blasts off on board the spaceship Stardust. Alex will lead an out of this world draw along and tell us all about Astrid and her pals Beryl, Professor Quackers and Zoink and their crazy, adventurous missions!

For budding readers aged 5+ 

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