Claudia Rankine

Claudia Rankin & Natasha Brown

Recorded: Sat 20 Nov 2021

Duration: 58 mins

Claudia Rankin & Natasha Brown

Winter Festival 2021

Caludia Rankine in conversation with Natasha Brown.

In Claudia Rankine’s latest book the focus is on dialogue, honest self-reflection, and the willingness to be wrong.

Taking the study of whiteness and white supremacy as her guiding light, Rankine explores a series of real encounters and clashes with friends and strangers in spaces like the airport, the theatre, the dinner party and the voting booth.

She urges us to enter into the conversations which could offer the only humane pathways through this moment of division. At the same time, the book itself enters into conversation; brilliantly arranging essays, images and poems, it incorporates the sometimes dissenting views of her interlocutors, and counterpoints Rankine’s own text with facing-page notes and quotes from the work of others, some bolstering her arguments and others actively fact-checking them.

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