Colm Toibin

Colm Toíbín

Recorded: Wed 29 Sep 2021

Duration: 68 mins

Colm Toíbín

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‘As with everything Colm Tóibín sets his masterful hand to, The Magician is a great imaginative achievement—immensely readable, erudite, worldly and knowing, and fully realized’ – Richard Ford 


We were delighted to welcome back one of our finest novelists, Colm Tóibín, back to Cambridge to present his new book The Magician. In this latest novel, Tóibín traces the life of Thomas Mann – a life full of success and yet riddled with contradiction. The book takes us from a provincial German city at the turn of the century, through both world wars, through the lens of the life of a troubled writer struggling with his closeted sexuality and familial complexities.  


Through one life, Colm Tóibín tells the breath-taking story of the twentieth century. Colm was in conversation with writer and broadcaster Alex Clark. 

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