Jonathan Coe and Tom Gatti

Jonathan Coe | Bournville

Recorded: Sun 19 Nov 2023

Duration: 1hr

Jonathan Coe | Bournville

Winter Festival 2023

‘It is miraculous how, in his new novel, Coe has created a social history of postwar Britain as we are still living it. Bournville is a beautiful, and often very funny, tribute to an underexamined place and also a truly moving story of how a country discovered tolerance’ – Sathnam Sanghera, bestselling author of Empireland 

Making a welcome return to Cambridge, Jonathan Coe presents his latest novel, Bournville, a thought-provoking commentary of Britain, explored from the perspective of four generations of a single family. Travelling through seventy-five years of social change, from wartime nostalgia to the World Wide Web, one question starts to emerge: will these changing times bring the country – closer together, or leave them more adrift and divided than ever before. 

 In conversation with the New Statesman’s Tom Gatti

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